About us

Founded in 2009, ShenZhen YuLong Electronics Co., Ltd, is a company specializes in designing and manufacturing High-end audio equipments. The R&D of the company consists of senior audiophiles and a team with proven experience of electronic product development for more than a decade. From the very beginning of the company, we've invested in various professional testing instruments, making sure our experience and passion for music is supported by state-of-the-art hardware in the R&D. YuLong is devoted to produce Hi-Fi components that are not only sonically superb on the ear, but also economically affordable on the wallet, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy more.
YuLong Audio is the brand name of the company and we are vertically integrated from bench testing, careful fine-tuning to final assembly. Other than promoting our own brand, the company also offers OEM/ODM services.

YULONG Audio lab, with various electronic / audio detection equipment, and machinery and equipment used in YULONG Audio product development

Audition room:

HALCRO DM58  Power Amplifier、DM10 preamp、Mark Levinson380S preamp、MC2 1250 Power Amplifier、ADA8XR DAC、DCS DAC、PMC MB2 Speakers

Headphones Audition room

Mark Levinson №39 CD、Violectric HPA V281 Headphones amp、luxman p700 Headphones amp 、SPL2910Headphones amp、Musical Fidelity Headphones amp 、Headphones : Utopia、HD800S 、HD800*3、HD650、T1、DT1990、DT990、DT880、TH900..etc

KH O 300 - Active Studio Monitor  &  audio analyzer

YULONG Audio lab Inhouse R&D: